Project plan

The work in the project is organised into three work packages each addressing a central issue of the project. The work packages are very closely linked to each other with results from each work package being important for the progress of the others, as indicated in the figure below. Thus, parallel progress of the work in all the work packages is very important.

Work package illustration 

Project objectives

The main objective of the project is to build the necessary scientific and technological foundation for the realisation of high-efficiency heat pumps based on magnetocaloric technology, focused on a system for the residential sector.  

The realisation of the overall objective is dependent on the successful completion of a number of more specific objectives related to the subcomponents of such a device:

Design, build and test such a heat pump device with a practically useful performance level and a COP of at least 5.

  • Research and optimise a hybrid permanent and electromagnet assembly, including drive system. Gain the necessary scientific understanding about operation and shaping of 1st order magnetocaloric materials for application of these into heat pumps. Research and optimise the design of the subcomponents of a magnetocaloric heat pump, including regenerators and fluid flow management, for improved operation and efficiency.
  • Develop a method and understanding of how to integrate a magnetocaloric heat pump into a building, as well as a control strategy for such a device.